The Unnumbered

This site was created for all those out there whose parents have never obtained a Number for them, whether SSN, SIN, or whatever it may be in your country. There are a growing number of parents that for whatever reason have chosen not to participate in the "system". These children many of who are now adults face living in the world without being numbered or applying for the number and becoming part of the system.

One such person when explaining to someone that they had never had a number was met with the reply "Then you don't exist." But we do exist and in growing numbers and this site is for all of us. On this forum those with numbers are the ones that do not exist.

We created this forum for individuals who have never had a number because of their parents beliefs. We understand that there are those out there who have sent back their numbers and/or no longer use them but this forum is not for them. There are many forums on the net in which they can be a part. The Unnumbered Forum is for those who share the unique experience of never having one and face or soon will face the decision as an adult whether to apply for one or not.



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To join this forum you must first send an email to the Administrator explaining why you want to be a part of the forum and why you have never had a number. I also ask that you provide your approximate age.

Be sure to include your name and email address as the Administrator will need these to make you a member. If approved you will be sent a user name and password.

Remember this forum is only for those who have never had a number because their parents chose not to get them one. If you do not fit this description but still feel you should be on this forum. Please fill out the form below with more information and explain why you feel you should be a member.

Thank you.